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In the short time I've been on the blogger scene, reading and following lovely places on the internet, I've come across some really lovely reads. This page will be continually evolving to mirror my ever changing tastes, inspirations and direction as a blog. It will grow as my knowledge of the blogging world grows and will hopefully fill up with many friends. It also keeps my main screen a little less cluttered and better organised.

  • Here are a few of my favourite blogs that I visit often.

Favourite Reads:

  • A few local lovelies that I've come across - this will no doubt be expanding as my blogging time continues.

Local (Scottish) Lovelies:

  • A few fashion related blogs that fill me with continual inspiration. You guys are great! I love you all!

Fashion Blogs:

  • A list of crafty, creative and photographically interesting blogs that continue to inspire me, and satisfy my creative curiosity.

Beautiful Crafty and Creative Blogs:

I'm always on the look out for new blogs to read and follow - I'm a bit obsessed like that - so please feel free to add more in the contact list below, or email me with more on
I'd like to change the categories on here, make them more specific so please let me know of any that truly influence you, or ones you always return to depending on your mood - to cheer you up, to remind you of other places, to make you laugh, to make you think.

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