Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Five days of Festive Frolics - Part 1.

Days 1+2: Christmas in Glasgow!

Eeeeee it's December :-D yay! Happy December everyone! It's a really cold, crisp, clear day today and I am super excited about whats happening this month. Yay! So much so I seem to forget that I don't have a job.... We 'Christmassed' up the flat the other night and it looks so festive and lovely :-D yay! This is just a low res camera photo just now, but I'll put up better ones later. We were worried we wouldn't be able to use our huge tree from last year and have to buy a scrawny new one, but that super smart man of mine figured out a way around it :-D It's a really stunning tall tree that fitted so nicely into our huge living room in our old Dundee flat. This is our third year of having it and there was still a lot of life in it so we really didn't want to have to get a new one. Stu's brainwave was to just put up the top two of the three stem sections, effectively third-ing the height and base width - and it totally worked! Now its a table top tree! Yay! Isn't it pretty!

So yeah anyway.... days after we arrived back in Scotland I went through to Glasgow to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends. I love her so much, she is so special and we always have the most immature, inappropriate giggily fun :-D I went through to accompany her to see Breaking Dawn part 1 (cringe indeed, but I actually quite enjoy the movies, a bit of easy going fluff) and to stay in her and her fiance's new house. It was really nice being the guest for once, it's normally me hosting so it was really nice to be on the receiving end.

In the (HUGE 18 screen 6 floored) cinema foyer there was a nice wee dedication to the new Chipmunks film and me being me, encouraged by my partner in crime Sarah.... joined in:
I'm so down with the 'munks. So street! Just seem to be too wintery dressed compared to the Hawaii look that's going on here. I got some very strange looks from the other cinema-goers, but it was totally worth it. Ah we just become so silly together, it really is such fun! I'm not quite as relaxed and free with anyone else, we can just be so natural and enjoy our time together. And no matter how long it's been since we saw or talked to each other, as soon as we meet up again we just click right back where we were before :-D I just hope we don't ever lose our connection.

We called into Primark after our dose of vampires and warewolves, to check out the bargain knits. I really miss it since moving to Edinburgh, I didn't even shop in it that much in Dundee near the end, but just because there isn't one here I have a longing for it. But woo! It opens here on Saturday, yay! But we called in and Sarah spotted a woman carrying an awesome snowman jumper, we went on a scavenge hunt. Turns out it was in the menswear department and was super cheap, so naturally we both tried it on! Festive Frolics indeed!! 
Just look how AWESOME it is! How good do we look?! Although I still think Sarah suits it better than me. It also made me realise just how great the height difference between us is. I've always known I was smaller, but it's not something that I've ever really thought about (I just assume I'm smaller than the majority of people I meet), but when we're standing so close, wearing the same sized jumper, it really becomes obvious. I'm so small! Regardless.... I bought the jumper, I thought we both were, but Sarah backed out last minuted; she appears to be more sensible with money than I am. But I LOVE it! It's just so cosy, and it's ideal for hiding layers underneath, which is great for this cold weather. I've been wearing it a lot recently so it will probably appear lots on here, but this is the first photo of it :-) yay!
Primark have also started to do ski-wear! So we tried some of that on too :-) again with the funny looks, and the security guard keeping a close eye on us. But it was so much fun and so worth it! These things were HUGE and really heavy! It was like wearing a virtual reality headset - except it was real life, did give it a surreal side though. We didn't buy these.

 A few more shots of Glasgow looking all pretty at Christmas 
:-) yay!

Eeee and the most exciting part! I get to see her again this weekend :-D yay! Stu is banishing me from Edinburgh for the day so he can Christmas shop for me without me stumbling across anything and ruining my surprise. Yay! He's even paying for my train ticket through to Glasgow :-D It's kinda romantic I think, maybe not in the traditional sense. But I'm so excited to spend more time with Sarah!

And I think I have a sneaky peak where Stu is going on Saturday - hopefully to a couple of my new favourite sellers. The lovely and talented Miss Katy Cupcake and her wonderful new shop. Ooh it's such a lovely space, she's decorated it so well! And I love EVERYTHING in the shop! Especially the tea-plate clocks! So fingers crossed. And the beautiful Savy Sailor. Jen is so beautiful and so gifted, and I definitely share her obsession with buttons! I luckily stumbled across her page after a routine Facebook stalking adventure, and I'm so glad I did, her jewellery is so unique and fancy! I saw her at the 2D/3D fair last weekend and I'm so hoping she's at it again this weekend because I didn't have the time to stop and buy :-( But again, fingers crossed!

Anyway, off to job hunt again. Just a quick excited Christmas post. Oooh I'm going to listen to 'Now Christmas' :-D and encourage my festive spirit. YEAH! Hope all your feelings are festive just now and the rush isn't getting you down. Oh and the snow isn't holding you up too much, we've yet to get any and I think we're the only place in Scotland that isn't white. Mum and Dad have loads at home, and Dundee certainly has some. I'm still immature enough to want some too, until it comes and I have to navigate my way through it, then I want it to leave. But right now.... I WANT SNOW!


  1. oh my that lights look so pretty!! and the holiday sweater are the BEST!! go you!! :) xkim

    1. Very late reply I know... but thank you :D I really love Festive sweaters! I've bought 4 this year and I don't want to stop wearing them... I was thinking of wearing a couple in the summer and be 'ironic' but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough! They're so cosy too :)

  2. What a lovely twinkly Christmas tree! Pop over to say hello if you have the time :-)


    1. Late reply, but thank you! I really love bright and colourful Christmas trees. I kinda miss it now that it's down, the flat looks so empty now. I've popped over to your lovely blog. I'm a frequent visitor actually, I love it, there are always such interesting things to see. I also love that you're based in NZ, one of my favourite places, and it's most definitely on my list of places to visit... and maybe relocate to :) Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.... in the warm summer!

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