Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review: Leopard's spots and Polka-dots.

Back to Glasgow I go :-D I'm being banished from the City so Stu can buy my presents without the risk of me seeing where they are from. But it does give me another chance to see Sarah before 2012 arrives. I vowed to myself that I'd wear more skirts/dresses during winter, so now I'm starting, a bit late but better than never.

Just a short post, only an outfit post really. No one was in the flat when I left and I don't have a tripod - really need to invest in one - so had to make do with a trusty mirror shot.

I really love my new dress and overall outfit and makes me feel really bold and confident when I'm in it. It's a lovely Missguided peter-pan collared dress, covered in delicate polkadots - I LOVE polkadots and love anything with it as a pattern. My wardrobes are slowly filling up with spotty clothes but I really do like them. I think they add a childish, expressive, free-spirited feel to clothes whilst still being able to maintain maturity in the design of the outfit.

I really love this dress though. I'm always a bit wary of buying online because of sizes - especially since I seem to be gaining weight these days so I'm not actually sure what size I am any more. This is a 10, but it feels kinda snug with the t-shirt underneath, so I'm contemplating buying a 12 so that I can wear it longer if I keep gaining weight. But this size is very comfortable on - and I was wearing 2 layers under it so I dare say in warmer weather it will be ideal. The delivery was superb - free next day delivery - they even text you to let you know that your beautiful order will be arriving that day. Wonderfully packaged too. I found Missguided through a lot of my twitter people - so for anyone that reads Brag Doll and that I follow on twitter, thank you for introducing me to a wonderful, friendly, social company! With a great variety of clothes, at very good prices, and incredible delivery. Here's to you Missguided!

The fabric is a really floaty viscose-y fabric, with lining all the way through. Love the dark red colour too, I'm seeing so much of it this season and I really love it. There are so many colours that go with this red, and indeed with this dress. Yipee! I teamed with with the long sleeved mustard coloured top, and thick blue tights, and fluffy winter boots, but you wont see them till later. I feel like I've just stepped out of the 60s in this outfit and I LOVE it! The cut of the dress around the bust is great, made the most of the little I've got, so that adds to the confidence boost. And for such a light fabric it was very warm in Glasgow too. The belt I borrowed from another of the Missguided dresses I bought - I got 3 at one time - a bit risky for a new found shop, but very worth it. The other two dresses are equally as beautiful - in fact, one is very simliar, but much nicer, than a dress I found in New Look in Glasgow but had no luck finding online or in Edinburgh, very strange. But it means I bought the better, and cheaper, option from Missguided. And since then I've been into the Glasgow store again, found the original dress, and I'm glad to say the one I purchased is much nicer! Better cut, bolder colour, softer fabric. And much cheaper! Yay! Another point to you MissG!

I apologise for the mirror shots - not even particularly good ones - I just wanted to document how I looked before I left the flat incase I wasn't able to take any outfit pictures the rest of the day - just as well I did too, we were only able to take 1, and that was a bit of a disaster. I wore my new Leopard Print fluffy cardi that I got from here on ebay. Again, super fast delivery. And it's such a lovely, snug piece! I've been wearing it non-stop. And again, goes with many pieces in my wardrobe. Yay. I found it from fellow blogger and tweeter @frithalouise - I think she loves it as equally as much. I hope I can inspire other to follow our lead and purchase this cardi, you won't regret it. And I definitely think I'll be going back to Missguided for more. There dresses are just so lovely, and SUCH a variety too. And they won't break the bank - so you can get lots for a reasonable price. Yay!

Oooh I've not mentioned the skirt of this piece yet - the floaty material makes it ideal for twirling around, I just want to spin and spin in it. I tried to capture it on the camera too.... but not very successfully, still, I think it shows the floaty fabric quite well, and it's quite fun looking I think, just not very focused. Really need a tri-pod!
My only one criticism of this dress - and it's very weak - it's very high at the neck, and I found that with the beautiful back button and cut out detail, I seemed to get a little choked if I bent forward. This will be easy to fix though with a wee snip and sew so I'm not worried about that, and certainly wouldn't let it put me off wearing it. I also love the length, not too short to put the 'derriere' into inappropriate view, but also not so long that you look stumpy - a particular issue for me at times since I'm a wee Scottish lass of 5'2.

Wee picture of Edinburgh just before I got on the train... the first (and so far only) snow of the year! Yay! Hope we get some after Christmas - any before might mean I spend it on my own since my parents could get stranded up in the frozen North of Inverness instead of coming to me.... we shall see. It had turned to slush by the time I'd made it into town, but the grounds of the flat were still all white, and the roof tops had a smattering too. Yay! You can see the white of Princes Street Gardens too. Waking up to the white outside just added even more to my festive feelings! Yay for Christmas!

Made it to Glasgow, to find wind and rain instead of snow :-( was much colder than Edinburgh too. Always seems to be actually, but I still love it! Here I am in the St Enoch centre. I love their giant reindeer situated around the centre. And the giant snow globe behind me too. Really tempted to go in one and get a Christmas snapshot of fake snow. Next time.

It was really difficult to get a decent photo - there were just so many people running by doing Christmas shopping, it took forever, and lots of standing still. Eventually this lovely security guard stopped the 'traffic' and let Sarah take a shot - but just the 1 before the people crowded back around. So I'm glad I have the mirror shots from earlier. Apologies for the grainy-ness, I've had to enlarge the original quite a bit. You can see my fluffy boots and my penny farthing from Hannah Makes Things, and how the outfit works all together.

Dress: Missguided
Tights: Lidl
Mustard T-shirt: H&M
Cardi: ebay
Boots: gift
Penny Farthing Necklace: Hannah Makes Things.

What do you think of my outfit? Do you think the polka-dots work with the leopard print cardi?

Do you use a tri-pod to take self portraits? Are there any you'd recommend to use with a small Canon IXUS? Any tips on better angles than those above?

High in the rooftop trusses. There were loads of them, all different poses. Some reaching from one floor down to the next like they were looking for food from the shoppers.


  1. cute dress! you can use timer and put your camera on the table or something like that to shoot your photos yourself, just like I did! :D
    by the way, thanks for your comment in my blog! :D

    1. Yeah I'll need to try that. Need to get more experimental with my poses, I'm still very new, so still learning all the time. It's nice to study more established blogs and see how they go about it. Thanks :)

  2. I love the dress on you! And the mixed colors (the blue tights and the mustard yellow cardi) as well as your mixed prints! Lovely, lovely outfit. :) x

    1. Aww thank you :) I really like the colours, I think they work quite well. I've never really experimented with different patterns together, but it's nice when they work. Thank you for your lovely comment though, it's made my confidence grow a little more :)