Saturday, 24 December 2011

I wish it could be Fakemass everyday....

So last night, we celebrated our own Fakemass. Yay!

Our beautiful big tree, complete with perfectly wrapped boxes and family presents
Stu and I still go home to spend Christmas with our own parents - him to Livingston, me normally staying put and hosting Christmas in which ever flat I'm living in. It's nice to host Christmas, it's nice to have the parents in my flat. It means Gran has less of a distance to travel since my Parents live WAY up north in Inverness, and it means that someone can feed Max and he's not left along on Chirstmas. The only downside to hosting away from home is that I don't get the usual catch up with old friends that everyone else seems to. Been YEARS since I've ever been able to. But I don't really mind. I enjoy our Christmas' just as much.
Pretty festive wine bottles.
So yeah, we celebrate our own 'Fakemass' as close to the real Christmas as possible. This year we've managed to celebrate it on the 23rd, which is much later than normal.Yay!

We treat it just like the real deal.... massive amounts of delicious food, excessive amounts of desserts topped off with a few glasses/pints of alcohol! It's a very special day for us! Max even joins in too.

This year we decided to keep it low budget, special presents with meaning and thought behind them, but not costing a lot. And I LOVE everything that I got! They are perfect, and SO ME! My man knows me well :D as does his Mum. Yay! I'll put up photos of my wonderful presents a bit later on.

Max enjoying the paper. He's just Puss in Boots!

I got lovely pretty necklaces from the wonderful Katy Cupcake's shop. Things I'd been eyeing up for a while but wasn't sure if Stu would notice. HE TOTALLY DID! Yay! And he wrote a lovely wee heart warming card to go with them, makes me teary just reading it.

Stu's beautiful festive boxes.

Stu puts in so much effort wrapping up his presents for people - even MAKES boxes for them, then beautifully decorates them. He's done it for a few years now, since we've been together really, one for each year starting with my 21st Birthday box. He's been getting better each time and this years were the best yet. He made 4 this year - one for me, his brother and parents. He really put a lot of thought into each gift to go inside the boxes, then made the boxes to fit - just as well I hoard lots of cardboard. They are so festive looking too. I'm going to use mine to keep special things in. Yay!

Me opening the thoughtful and perfect presents from Stu's mum. A Bow from Savy-Sailor and a delicate and perfect butterfly ring from a wee shop on Cockburn street. Lovely! Think I'll wear it on Hogmanay. Yay!

I'm wearing my festive snowman jumper. It's so festive and so over the top! YEAH!

Apparently Katy insisted on wrapping my bow, she did it so beautifully too, with a wee heart shaped wooden tag, and then Stu wrapped both the bow and ring together. Was a bit like pass-the-parcel. Only I got all the layers! Woo! And it just added to the exciting anticipation that I was feeling.

Ha ha, we were opening these presents while the dinner was cooking, and we were totally not coping with multi-tasking. We put in the pork which took the longest (neither of us like turkey), and then remembered about the yorkshires, and then the potatoes, and the parsnips, and we needed to prepare the carrots and sprouts (I LOVE sprouts!) and it all got a bit hectic. But considering how unprepared we were and frazzled, it turned out really delicious, filling and perfect! So it was all GOOD!
Stu in his new hoodie from me.  
Presents opened, food eaten, and Christmas films in the background. Yay! Just like the real day! Followed by board games. YEAH! Such fun and such a special day. I kind of like that we have it on a day that, as far as I know, no-one else celebrates on, it makes it our own, unique.

We're both a little obsessed with Zombies, and everything related to Zombies.... including the game.... Zombies! If you've not tried it and you also like the living dead... then give it a go! You won't regret it. We both get so involved and childish playing it. And actually, it was Adam that introduced us to the wonders that is that game. We became slightly addicted to it before he left. Hopefully play it with our visitors at New Year too.

Intense strategical thought required for optimum apocalyptic world!
Good times!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas - whether you celebrate it with your special other half or family, or both together - I hope you have your tummies filled with good food, good liquid and good treats and that Santa is good to you all! No lumps of coal I hope.

What are you hoping to get for Christmas? Do you have a special 'fakemass' date with your other half? Do you set a budget or a certain number of presents? I love finding out how other people celebrate, especially those that don't get to spend it with each other.

What is Christmas about for you? Do you enjoy the anticipation more than the actual event? Are you about the giving or receiving? I really do enjoy the lead up to Christmas, I feel like that's what the important side of the season is, not the presents, but the feelings before, during and after. And coming together with family and friends.

Whatever you do, whatever you get and where-ever you are, I hope you all have a wonderful time. Merry Fakemass one and all!

Stu's just left for back home and I'm off to get the flat a little tidier for the arrival of my parents and Gran to distract me from the fact he's abandoned me (I know he's not really, but it's still a little sad to see him go... a whole 5 days without him, thank god I've got Max).

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