Monday, 28 November 2011

Floaty Frocks and Golden Locks

The holiday continues! :D 

The first set of photos were taken by the waterfalls outside of our fancy hotel. They lit them up at night with colour changing lights, was really pretty but didn’t turn out so well in photos. There's a few I took another night before we went for dinner that I'll put up, they're slightly blurry, but I think that also adds a slight edge to them.

I love these photos and I love this dress.The patterns on it are really intricate and colourful. A mix of swirling paisley prints and sketchy looking shapes. Great! It’s really floaty light cotton, ideal for the hot weather. I bought it last year from New Look highstreet sale but never got a chance to wear it, so glad I finally have. It was perfect for our November winter runaway holiday to Tenerife. The day I wore it was gorgeous! Clear blue sky, slight sea breeze and a hot hot sun! So wonderful to feel the heat on my skin again after such a year of cold and cloudy days. It was a bit hot sometimes though!

I love how golden my hair looks in these photos too :D I have a strange brown/slight ginger hair colour, it goes really fair in the summer sun and goes very dark in the winter months. It had began to darken again before we left Edinburgh, but as soon as we reached the Tenerife sun it really went golden again. Yay! Shame it doesn't stay like that all year round, but  I guess it means I've got my own natural ever changing hair colour - who needs to dye it. Although I used to, when I was still at uni. That whole student-crazy-hair-colour-changing fad that all students seem to go through. I think I only really stopped when I joined the serious world of teaching - somehow going in with bright red or purple hair didn't seem to associate with 'teacher' in my head. Although I think, if it was displayed in a subtle appropriate way, I think these days it would be fine. But still, I grew up a bit and remembered how awesome my own natural hair colour is. :)

I paired my dress with these lovely flat slip on shoes from Kangaroo. They were open enough to let my feet breathe but comfy enough to walk around in all day - actually quite surprising. What a bargain they were too, from Tesco online last year. They’ve got the cutest polkadot details – the insole, the trim around the side and the bow on the strap - I LOVE polka dots, so many of my wardrobe pieces are polkadots these days, I just get so excited when I see people wear them or see new pieces in shops. Which probably isn't very good for my space or bank balance. Oh well.....

My bag is from a tiny market stall that arrived during the Edinburgh Fringe a few years ago. It’s really practical and has a really nice Indian Elephant design on it. It’s really strange when you see other people with the same bag, it doesn’t happen often but always takes me by surprise – makes me wonder if we’ve got them mixed up.

We walked to a Sunday market that tours the Island, arriving in a different town each day of the week. I had read all about it before we'd left so I was really looking forward to finally seeing it after so long, but it was a massive let down. I was expecting a lot of handmade items, crafts from Africa (since we're so close to the mainland), but instead it was full of tourist tack. Very much a let down. It was so busy too, and so many people in such a confined space, it was really difficult to squeeze through the masses of bodies with NO shade. We were beginning to feel lightheaded and very claustrophobic, so left after a quick trip round the circuit. Did manage to get a couple of nice necklaces - one for my Mum. So at least I didn't leave empty handed.

Down hearted and too hot we left for the lovely sea breeze to clear out the stuffy market air. It was so nice down by the rocks. I really like the shots too :) they look rather exotic and movie-like I think. Another good day walking around the town in the wonderful sun and adding restaurants to our list of possible dinner venues.

Dress: New Look
Glasses: Primark
Sandals: Kangaroo (Tesco online)
Shoulder bag: Market in Edinburgh

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  1. Beautiful dress & you look so pretty!
    Thank you for your comment!<3
    What a coincidence! I see you've spend holiday exactly where I live, in Adeje;)
    xoxo Kasia;)