Sunday, 27 November 2011

In the beginning.....

The inevitable first post!

Finally! I'm finally getting down to writing the unavoidable first post. I'm not sure why, but I've been avoiding this for ages. I'm such a procrastinator and I seem to have been so afraid to actually get started and post something on here. I started The Brag Doll in Oct, and spent weeks trying out different designs and coming up with new ideas for funky buttons and such like, all the while avoiding the inevitable. I think I was worried that I'd mess up what might come next by writing a duff first post. I've read so many other wonderful blogs that are so much further on than me and have been blogging for years, I seem like such a tadpole in a really mature pond. I also have the annoying trait of wanting to be great at something right away, so if I'm not, if I don't have the hang of it immediately, I shy away from it. I wanted to get my first post just right, when instead I should have just sat down on the first day and written what was floating around my head everyday. 

So eventually, a month on, here goes....

Hello and welcome! Welcome to my small space on the wide web that is mine. A space where my thoughts can be put to paper (or screen) instead of being lost in everything else going on in my head. A place where I can share, with who ever stumbles on here, my take on life, my wardrobe decisions and things which generally interest or amuse me. I believe in taking pleasure from simple everyday things, and trying to notice things which might be overlooked or go unnoticed in today's busy world. I'd like to share some of my musings on here. To find out more about me and my reasoning behind The Brag Doll, click here or on my picture up top.

I'd love to see The Brag Doll grow, and would love a snapshot into the future and see where it is then, and what had become of it. I suppose that's another reason why I procrastinated so much to start. The first step is the hardest. But along the road of my procrastination I've realised that I miss being 'arty' and actually have quite an eye and talent for designing, creating and displaying, so that;s got to count for something. It's also meant I've stumbled across some really amazing blogs out there which have influenced me greatly over the past month, from the initial idea to styles, content to frequency. Everything. There are so many out there. My personal favourites just now are the lovely Cat from Take Courage, which such a great style, design taste and interesting life. She's always got fascinating reads and insights into London. And Emily Rose from It Girl Rag Doll, I've really enjoyed reading posts from her very first days as a blogger to her most current posts and her changes in her life. She does some amazing things with her hair and has some really great style. And of course my fellow Edinburgers: beautiful Wayward Daughter and ever effortlessly stylish Foxtail and Fern. Its really nice reading blogs that are from the same city as you, its almost like you have an immediate connection with them and a little more in common than you originally thought. It's also really nice to see/read their take on your city and seeing familiar places/things through their eyes and ideas. It's also really nice because I've just moved to Edinburgh so I'm constantly learning new things and places to go from reading their posts. I definitely recommend them.

For someone that procrastinates, I can sure ramble too. I predict there might be a fair bit of that to come a little later. Time to get some decent content up here and get back to my unfinished design elements. In the mean time, here's a picture of my lovely fat cat Max, getting ready for Christmas :) yay! 

Slightly blurry, but still lovely! He has an obsession with boxes - not quite Maru but not far off it :)

Thanks for stumbling on to my wee space, I hope you stay, visit often and maybe even spread the word. Any feedback, or advice, or any good reads I should check out or just general chit chat is always very welcome. I'm always looking for fresh influences and any pointers on how to improve on something that is very new to me. And I really hope that maybe some new to blogging readers in the future read this inevitable first post like I've done to so many others, before finally writing my own.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely mention, Fiona, and congratulations on starting your blog! I totally understand your hesitations but just remember that this is for you and is nothing more than a bit of fun - I can't wait to see it grow!

    Cat xxx