Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Perfect Day for a Wander.

So it's been a while since the last post. Still got a few holiday poses I'd like to put up, although they are a bit old now. But once they're up I can become a bit more current and start getting into the festive frolics that have been happening recently.

Wow! I can't believe it's almost December already. When these photos were taken Christmas, December and cold weather were so far from our minds, and now it's here. Wowzers! I'm sitting listening to Buble's Christmas album and the songs just don't seem to go with the pictures. Never mind - they will for my next post, I'm excited to get those photos up :)
Beautiful blue water and crisp clear skies. You can see the Island of La Gomera in the distance. The water gets super deep real fast too, see all the sand churned up in the waves.
See how busy the beach gets on a sunny day?! So much pink!
So it was another really gorgeous day - roasting hot! But I had begun to look a little red so decided to cover up for most of the day. The downfall of being very fair skinned and light red hair - I tend to turn red in the sun.... but then when I get home again the red fades to a nice healthy brown, so it's not all crash and burn. It just means that I've got to cover up more often than I would like, especially when it is so hot as that day was.

We decided to venture further afield and walk to the neighbouring tourist town of Las Americas. Lovely walk along the promenade and through the town.
It's Christmas time? Really?

Walking through the town we ended up on the main street of Las Americas which was full of hotels, bars and restaurants. The whole place was full of Christmas decorations too - it just didn't seem to go. Christmas is always associated with cold in my mind, I have no other choice being a Scot I suppose. I've always wanted to go to Oz for Christmas so I guess I have a wee insight as to how it would feel to have it in the heat..... strange and disorientating. Especially when you come across a massive Christmas pine tree alongside the various palm trees.

But round the corner from the big tree we stumbled into a cactus filled crazy golf course.... so decided to use it as another Canarian photo op. Yay!

A prickly backdrop :) It was really nice but very hot in there!

Chillin' by a fountain in the 'Cactus Course'.
Can see my red skin, but my hair looks nice :)

Baggy but cool in the heat. Standing above the water was really cooling too.

I LOVE these shoes. They're the only kind that don't hurt my feet. I have terrible luck with shoes, but these ones have always been faithful. I've had them for years and years.... but they're falling apart. I'm so sad! I've bought a pair that I think are the modern equivalent, but they're not as flexible or comfortable. They seem really heavy too. But for the mean time I shall continue to wear these for as long as they stay alive.

These linen trousers are really comfortable too. I completely forgot I had them, bought them at the end of the summer last year for a very cheap price (bargain, yay!) and put them in my summer drawer. Just as well I had a rummage before we left. Perfect for covering up during the hot days.

Love the background on this one.

 Cardigan: Fashion Union
Top: H&M
Wide Linen Trousers: Tesco
Purple Shoes: Hush Puppies

Saw this thing at the entrance to the 'Cactus Course'. Think it got a little lost on its route.

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